The Inner Child Explained


I was recently asked to make a few videos about The Inner Child.

This is my first and I’ll share more with you as time goes on.

The Inner Child is a Well Recognized Aspect in Psychology!

The inner child is a concept deeply rooted in psychology, recognized by psychotherapists as crucial.

It represents the part of us that retains beliefs and emotions about the WORLD from our early experiences, especially those where fundamental needs went unmet.

YES even for us Critical Thinkers!

Universality of the Inner Child : Psychotherapists universally acknowledge the significance of the inner child.

…. We ALL have one.

Validated by Psychotherapy: Far from a fanciful notion, the inner child is a well-acknowledged concept in psychotherapy.

Therapists understand its role in shaping our responses as adults and emphasize the importance of exploring this aspect to promote self-awareness and healing.

Some counsellors, coaches and psychotherapists guide individuals in working with their inner child.

This involves acknowledging the impact of past experiences and nurturing aspects that require attention and care, fostering a journey toward self-compassion and growth.

The Right Help with Guidance … This integral part of ourselves has control of us until we take CONTROL BACK! We can experience the EMPOWERMENT of integrating our past into our present and future! 

Watch video:

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