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Our Client in a Nutshell ...

Dr. Cleverly specializes in working with what she calls ‘Extra-Ordinary People’ (EOP). These bright individuals are driven and analytical critical thinkers. Their brains don’t turn off and they need to learn to ‘turn them down a notch’ for peace of mind and rest. They are often leaders in their field or industry who can manage anything but their own thoughts! These folks often want specialized, strategic direction and processes for navigating through faulty thinking and sabotaging behaviours. Sometimes those behaviours involve addiction to alcohol, cocaine or even such things as stress, work, relationships, control, fame or social status.

Boutique Recovery Care Min, Dr Cleverly | Critical Thinker, Fork In The Road

Boutique Recovery Care

With her expertise in brain functioning and counseling modalities, Dr. Cleverly provides an understanding of the brain, the body and the mind to MAINTAIN RECOVERY SUCCESS!

Are you a driven, critical thinker seeking high quality supportive care that will give you the results you need?

Driven people have a lot to offer the world.

People who fall prey to addiction are often brilliant thinkers who simply need specialized strategies and guidance.

Shoulder to shoulder, let’s do this thing together!

Personalized Support & Guidance

With a very high success rate, Dr. Cleverly provides consults in the following areas to have you walking away with a deep understanding of yourself, the way your brain works and seeing your issues in a new light.

Are you an Extra-Ordinary Person?

Are you a Critical Thinker? Are you incensed by injustice?

Do you have the ability to see patterns and details that others don’t?

These are valuable aspects of yourself that can be harnessed for your benefit!

There are skills and tools that you can learn that will help you to regain
ownership and control of your mind and your life!

Don’t know what to do with your out-of-control thoughts and emotions?

No wonder why … you weren’t taught!

This lack of support causes many people to run from themselves … towards drugs or alcohol.

At Fork in the Road, our goal is to provide clients with the skills & tools that they need to regain their own stability, independence, and empowerment.

We look at the whole person, which means that we address the physical components involved in mental health just as much as we do the emotional factors.

​When you know better, you do better! We can guide you towards knowing what to do for yourself to get the best results long term.

Want to gain clarity and peace of mind?

Are you at a Fork in the Road in your Relationships?

Has an addiction caused issues with the people around you?

Are you struggling with romantic, family, friendships or co-worker relationships?

Want to know how to repair damaged relationships?

Are you tired of repeating the same painful patterns? 

Are you looking to create something different for yourself in moving forward?

Why would label this ‘Addiction & SUCCESS’? 

Many people who are addicts are high functioning successful-driven people who have a lot to offer, once they regain control!We see addiction NOT as a character weakness, but as a symptom of unmet needs.

At Fork in the Road, we are happy to work alongside your health care providers in giving unique support to those facing the challenge of addiction.

We have a unique perspective regarding addiction. 

Addiction can begin in the brain …  in some cases can be seen on brain scans through generations.

We use proven methods and address hidden needs that most people don’t realize are sabotaging them.

You must know what your triggers are and conquer them!

We have a very high success rate at helping those who wish to move forward, without endless relapse.

Enjoy our compassionate, non-religious approach to remodelling the traditional 12 steps.

Join our 7 Bridges Journey into healing from addiction now!

Life is full of losses … and we have to have tools to deal with that … or we will turn to self sabotaging behaviors.

We’ve all suffered losses and there will be more to come … not to be morbid, but it is the cycle of life.

With addiction especially, we can lose important relationships. Maybe it’s not to late to save that … but if it is already done, the death of a relationship can feel like an actual death.

Sometimes it’s the loss of our youth, our privacy or our innocence. How do you grieve these?

There are ways to deal with loss that can make it much more elegant for you.

Are you disturbed by not having the answers to the ‘Bigger Questions’ of life?

Analytical thinkers need solid answers. 

We are all told ‘we have the answers within’ but nobody tells us how to get those answers … until now.

With training in various belief systems, Dr. Cleverly helps you discover your own foundation of belief.

She understands the reluctance to look at beliefs and the need for something solid and science based.

Dr. Cleverly has been trained in belief systems and has a vast understanding of healing from religious trauma.

Whether a person has had a tumultuous experience or is simply searching for hope or meaning, she can help.

She does not coerce anyone to change or adopt any particular belief system. 

She instead directs people back to what they intuitively know to be true.

People decide their own ‘truth’, based on reason to gain more clarity. 

Having a firm foundation of belief is necessary for mental health during challenging & recovering times.

Your Privacy is Important to Me

Dr. Cleverly has worked with people of all walks of life with all sorts of issues. She has narrowed her focus to the ‘over thinker’ regardless of profession or habit.


She has helped such people as actresses and rock stars who may have had addictions or simply wanted to invest more in themselves to create a better internal reality.


At Fork in the Road we believe that you are entitled to both privacy and dignity, no matter who you are. She does not disclose information she does not have permission to.  

You are in safe hands here.

Secret, Dr Cleverly | Critical Thinker, Fork In The Road

Public Speaking & Teaching

By directly challenging accepted, conventional thinking about the brain, mind and addiction, Dr. Cleverly’s work creates the space for new systems, new thoughts, and decisive change to occur. Her goal is to educate and inspire. With years of public speaking and teaching experience, she will put your audience instantly at ease. Dr. Cleverly understands that unique information is sought by different audiences, and tailors her speaking engagements to suit their needs, online or in person.

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