The Fork in the Road

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The Fork, Dr Cleverly | Critical Thinker, Fork In The Road

All The Tools You Need To Help Your Clients Transform!

Are you just starting your practice or are you wanting to bring more results into an existing practice? Take advantage of my 13 years of experience with proven methods for transformation, growth and success!

If you work with Extra-Ordinary Clients and want Extra-Ordinary Skills, then this program is for you!

I will take you through my 7 Bridges approach along with giving you all of the additional tools and information you need to create an impact with your clients.

I remember what it was like after the education was completed and I found myself alone in an office, wondering what was coming through the door next and how I would handle it.

Having had a mentor and a proven framework would have moved me forward faster with greater confidence and results! Now, I am the guide that I wish I had at that time … for your benefit.
You can release anxiety and overwhelm when you have a plan of action to guide your clients through.
Feel empowered while you empower others through these proven tools and techniques.
Through my years of practice, I have noticed that there are several skills and tools that are needed with each person, regardless of issue. There are certain things that everyone needs to know … and they will be looking to you for the answers … now you will have them!
As a Brain and Behaviour Strategist, I have compiled an extensive collection of solution skills for various issues that you will likely encounter in your practice.
Learn how to deal with the over-thinking, over-feeling , analytical client that others may not be able to reach.
Have documents and 1:1 scripts that guide you and your clients towards the desired outcome.
Let’s take the guesswork out of your sessions. Employ my proven strategies for long-term success for both you and your clients!
Enjoy documents, instruction videos along with a network community of support. There will also be (limited) 1:1 mentorship for the timing of your training.
Join our waiting list today to apply to learn!